Samsung Captivate: LauncherPro Contacts dock shortcut

During the course of troubleshooting why my Samsung Captivate could not update its software and could not stay turned on, I encountered several posts about possible issues with LauncherPro. LauncherPro is an excellent application, and although it has some minor issues on a few devices, it receives regular updates and has an active community of users. In fact, it’s applications like LauncherPro (and 8pen) that are the primary reason I like the Android operating system. Now, if we could just get carriers to stop stuffing crapware into the OS before shipping devices, and to allow side-loading without rooting and romming, we’d be in business - but that’s a different discussion.

Back to LauncherPro, I saw several posts about possible issues with LauncherPro affecting powering down. I thought I would note here that I removed LauncherPro entirely from my original Captivate, did a factory reset, and still saw power down issues. During my Captivate power down and software update searches, the next most prevalent Captivate and LauncherPro topic that I noticed had to do with people uninstalling LauncherPro because the Contacts button didn’t work. I’ll admit it’s a bit of a hassle, but I hope Android users don’t give up so easily.

For the mildly motivated, who are concerned about the Contacts button functionality, but do not care to figure it out for themselves, here are some helpful steps:

1. Tap and hold the contacts dock shortcut icon (displays by default in LauncherPro between phone and applications) 2. Select “Change shortcut” 3. Select “Activities” 4. Expand “Contacts” 5. Select “Contacts” with activity “” 6. I prefer the calm gray LauncherPro icons, so at the “Choose Icon” dialog, I select “LauncherPro icons” 7. Select the LauncherPro “Contacts” icon

A little harder than it probably should be, but not terribly difficult.

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