Msikivu 0.8.3: A responsive, configurable theme for Habari

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After some prodding from GitHub user jniggemann (thanks!), I finally got around to addressing some of my Msikivu todo list. For those interested in more details on Msikivu, check out my earlier post. In short, the following enhancements are present in the 0.8.3 release:

  1. Habari 0.8.x compatibility (Sorry this took so long…)
  2. Two additional stylesheets added. There is a ‘blue’ (which is oddly Drupal-ish and doesn’t quite support IE - though to be honest I haven’t really tested Msikivu’s general IE support…) and a ‘custom’ (which is pretty devoid of non-positional styling, and ideal for creating your own custom Msikivu look and feel).
  3. Adds a 1200px wide grid to Skeleton for nicer presentation on widescreens (IMO).

There are still a couple issues with the comments interface on the iPhone, and I plan to make some cosmetic updates to the admin area as well. Note that if you want a lighter weight and less configurability-focused responsive base template, I also put together iwBase as a responsive starter theme for Habari 0.8 and greater.

Feel free to post requests for either theme in the comments here at or log an issue in the appropriate GitHub repository, and I’ll try to make updates.

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