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Msikivu 0.8.3: A responsive, configurable theme for Habari


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After some prodding from GitHub user jniggemann (thanks!), I finally got around to addressing some of my Msikivu todo list. For those interested in more details on Msikivu, check out my earlier post. In short, the following enhancements are present in the 0.8.3 release:

  1. Habari 0.8.x compatibility (Sorry this took so long...)
  2. Two additional stylesheets added. There is a 'blue' (which is oddly Drupal-ish and doesn't quite support IE - though to be honest I haven't really tested Msikivu's general IE support...) and a 'custom' (which is pretty devoid of non-positional styling, and ideal for creating your own custom Msikivu look and feel).
  3. Adds a 1200px wide grid to Skeleton for nicer presentation on widescreens (IMO).

There are still a couple issues with the comments interface on the iPhone, and I plan to make some cosmetic updates to the admin area as well. Note that if you want a lighter weight and less configurability-focused responsive base template, I also put together iwBase as a responsive starter theme for Habari 0.8 and greater.

Feel free to post requests for either theme in the comments here at or log an issue in the appropriate GitHub repository, and I'll try to make updates.

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  • I might look into this when I come back to installing the latest habari dev-/head checkout for the relaunch of the website of my webradio show, which is currently still running on Habari 0.7...

    ... both need to upgrade AND wanna have a responsive theme as well. So if yours works nice, it's gonna be the base of Black'N'Deather 3.0 ;)

    Right noo thou I aint got no time for this - need to get two "free as in beer" site jobs PLUS one that is actually "hard money for more beer" finished .. but as said before, gonna happily doodle around with it as soon as I get the time for (approx. 1 - 2 weeks from now on) ;)

    BTW: Did you consider adding some zeptojs magic to it as well?

    cu, w0lf.

  • @fwolf - Awesome! You may also want to check out iwBase, it's much lighter weight and targets customization a little more directly than Msikivu. This site itself is running an older release of Msikivu, the bugs I've noticed haven't been terribly concerning.

    In terms of zepto, I considered it in iwBase, but it didn't seem to fit the general strategy for Msikivu - I really want Msikivu to be an outlet for site customizing to the less technical user. I'm still on the fence when it comes to including libs like that on the iwBase side - as the target user may want to add/change libraries anyway.
    Thanks for the comment, and definitely update here or on github if you encounter any concerns.

  • I'm putting together a forum for non-dev Habari users and have highlighted your efforts and themes.

    Please visit, do a search for Whittier and get back to me with any comments or updates on your great work.

  • @Les - Wow, there's a lot of data over there. Thanks for putting all of this together.

  • Hi there please apologize my bad english. There's a lot of good stuff here, I m new to habari (used to use free wordpress blogs)

    I would like to know if there are still issues with the comments interface on the Iphone ?

    Thank you nicholas. Thanks also to les and his great forum

  • The comments issue on mobile is definitely still there. I don't get enough mobile traffic to make it a priority.

    More importantly, I don't think msikivu works with the latest release of habari. For now, I'd recommend the Wazi/FuzzyWazi - and focusing your search on the addons ( I'll review Wazi, and if it looks like msikivu still makes sense, try to publish it to the addons.

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